merry christmas

During the week of Thanksgiving , our class participated in the Victorian Stroll display case contest in Troy. Over 40 local businesses and residents festively decorated the window display cases for the sixth annual Victorian Stroll. There were six possible titles that participants could win.

And the 2008 Window Decorating Contest Winners are..

Best of Show, Business – Ryan-Biggs Associates, PC, 291 River Street
Best of Show, Residential – Jan Gray, 16 Second Street
Traditional Holiday Spirit –  Times Union, 266 River Street
Most Whimsical –  272 Antiques, 272 River Street
Most Original – Workforce Development Institute, 24 Fourth Street
Most Creative –  Fleur de Lis, 15 Second Street

Our class put a lot of time and dedication into the project. We had a tight budget and turned this contest into a big craft project. We all had an elaborate picture of how we wanted it to look. Luckily for us, most of the students in our class were able to pull it off. It actually came out nice!

Want to see? Check out our work below!






Warning: Global warming causes Snow Monster to start melting..





 breaks the story..









Santa picks up the live news feed..









Santa instructs the elves to build a monster-saving snow machine.















Just in the nick of time the ailing monster receives a life saving gift.




Brought to you by the New Visions Journalism 2008 Class.

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Equal Opportunity?

google images

google images

Being a senior in high school and going through all the paper work for FAFSA and college applications and such has opened my eyes to the equal opportunity act.

It’s not really equal.

I was discussing my application to UAlbany with my guidance counselor, going over my achievements and my GPA( grade point average). Deciding my interests and what I might want to major in. We talked a little of EOP, which stands for the Educational Opportunity Program. The program helps low income families and “educationally disadvantaged students” who haven’t realized their academic potential due to their “economic or educational background” make it to and through college. It seems like a great program to help the little guy. But really it’s only privileging a certain class.

My educational background is not the best. I slacked off throughout junior high, and didn’t start realizing that I was actually good at school until the end of my sophomore year. Thusly, my GPA has suffered, and is a mere 79%. If this year’s grades were calculated into my average i would have a 84%. This limits the amount of colleges that I get accepted to, but thats my fault for my procrastination in my early years of high school, and I accept that. 

But, if i was a minority and I lived in a low income family, my college career would be set. EOP would practically pay most of my tuition, and my low GPA would be seen as not my fault, but the fault of my learning environment.

Here are the guidelines to acceptence: 


To be eligible for admission to the Educational Opportunity Program you must be:

  • A New York State resident for 12 months prior to enrollment;
  • Ineligible for admission under traditional standards, but demonstrate potential for completing a college program; and
  • In need of financial assistance within established income guidelines. In selecting students for the program, priority is given to applicants from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.”
Right now with my present grade I have a very slim chance of being accepted at UAlbany. If I qualified for EOP, even with my grades, I would be accepted. To me, that’s not equal. I have worked just as hard as anyone else, but since my family makes more money than the requirement, and EOP student would be chosen over me.

 I just don’t believe that is fair.


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